UM… like seriously, Heidi Slimane. You are killing it with this collection. Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity of viewing this entire collection on the Bart train to work. Yeah, kinda weird- but hey, a girl’s gotta get her fashion in somehow! I couldn’t wait to post this!

Saint Laurent’s Fall 2014 collection is everything I’ve been dreaming of. It’s like Slimane read my mind and said, “Hey, let’s make a collection that speaks to Jenn Kubat.” Haha… yeah right. But really – this collection makes me so happy! What I really love is how Slimane pulled off the vibe of  ’60s Brit pop, but freshened it up with a casual spin. This collection reminds me of dressing up with my friends for psych shows when I lived in LA. I love the eye makeup, it’s very Nico from the Velvet Underground and Edie Sedwick.

Patent leather mary janes, minis & coats, capes and boots, and to top it off, sequins and sparkles… and even fur shorts! If I ever have a reason to spend tons of money, I think it’s gotta be on something from this collection.

Enjoy! Hope this brightens up your day as it did mine :)

saintlaurentfall2014-01 saintlaurentfall2014-02 saintlaurentfall2014-03 saintlaurentfall2014-04 saintlaurentfall2014-05 saintlaurentfall2014-06 saintlaurentfall2014-07 saintlaurentfall2014-08 saintlaurentfall2014-09 saintlaurentfall2014-010 saintlaurentfall2014-011 saintlaurentfall2014-20 saintlaurentfall2014-21 saintlaurentfall2014-22saintlaurentfall2014-23 saintlaurentfall2014-awesome saintlaurentfall2014-awesome-hair-makeup saintlaurentfall2014-awesome-shoes saintlaurentfall2014-goldshoes saintlaurentfall2014-makeup saintlaurentfall2014-makeup01 saintlaurentfall2014-makeup02

All photos c/o



This weekend I had the lovely opportunity of doing a shoot with Mirrors Vintage. Lucille from Gatekeeper is one of the co-owners, and just so happens to be one of my best friends. We shot these photos in West Oakland where there are a lot of really cool industrial spaces. Definitely was feeling the vibe of this outfit while we explored the area.

I stole this shirt for the shoot and never gave it back! It was so comfy, and reminded me of my badass college days. Joy Division was one of the first bands I really got into back in my heyday. Back when my hair was pixie short, my life was more punk shows and holey tights than working 9 to 5. Wearing this tee now, some 5 years later – and I go back a bit!

Outfit details
Custom Joy Division tee – Mirrors Vintage
Denim – Forever21
Jacket – Vintage
Boots – H&M
Lipstick – Nars Heat Wave

Don’t forget to check out the Mirrors Shop – as they are offering a sweet deal exclusive to my readers! Enjoy 10% off your purchase until Sunday 02/02/2014 with code: FASHIONANDFRINGE




All photos taken by Lucille Lares-Kiwan of Gatekeeper


Woodsy Wears

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The Great Outdoors

Lately I’ve been going on lots of hiking adventures in the Bay Area. I never really thought that dressing for the outdoors was anything special… usually it comes down to just picking out things in my closet I don’t mind getting dirty. But after dressing for a few hikes, I’ve become kind of obsessed with hiking attire!

My typical hiking attire includes some combination of denim jacket, beat up boots, and of course – a warm and soft flannel. The key to outdoor dressing is to dress in layers. As you climb a mountain, you’ll want to be able to take on or off that jacket or hoodie depending on what temperature of the hike your in. Boots with rubber soles is also a good idea.. I really love these ones from Modern Vice. A great backpack is also a total necessity, and there are plenty of awesome backpacks out there that are functional yet still very chic.

Hopefully this little Polyvore set inspires you for your next adventure. What are your outdoor necessities? Also, please do tell – what are your favorite hikes in the US?! Links are welcome :)



Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours agoooo… I wanna be your baby. Nothin’ to do, no where to go-oh… I wanna be your baby.

Yup, it was a Ramones kinda Sunday. Slept in, slightly hungover from the night before, lazied out of bed for brunch and a trip to Lake Merritt. The outfit just kinda went with it for some reason. Now before you go to thinking that this is look was planned, I need to tell you that I didn’t really mean to come out looking like Johnny Ramone, but after Davy told me – I was like, oh yeah… haha. That’s why I feel like such a bad ass!

I SERIOUSLY scored on this faux-leather jacket from Forever21. Like crazy scored, as in it doesn’t really even look that fake and it was like $30. These boyfriend jeans by Gap are also one of my favorites. It’s been too cold to wear ‘em lately, but today was a nice 70 degrees so on they went. My hair is finally growing out, and I almost just want to keep it at this medium length. It’s crazy how much my look has changed over the past year. With 2014 just a few days away, I am so excited to see what else I’ll come out looking like. Anybody know what they’re doing for New Years yet? Please do tell…

Outfit details:Moto jacket- Forever21
Favorite black tee – Forever21
Boyfriend jeans by Gap
Booties by Aldo



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Sunday was honestly one of the most amazing days I’ve ever experienced living in the Bay Area! It felt like all the stars (sun and moon) had lined up and led us to this magical place! The Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Holy moly! The sunny 60 degree weather was such a breath of fresh air compared to all the frigid cold we’ve been feeling in Oakland and SF. David and I were craving an adventure, so we stumbled upon this lovely little hike just a few miles outside of Oakland. We caught it at such the right time too – the sky was blue and the sunset was warm and colorful. We brought a beer and enjoyed it hillside in the sun while we let our imaginations soar in this mysterious and hidden gem of a land.

Outfit details: (Hat – vintage, Cardigan – Forever21, Boots – H&M, Denim - BDG by Urban Outfitters)






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Is it just me or are we all thinking the same thing.. why is it so hard for us ladies to find a good plaid flannel? This one is from Madewell, and though I paid a pretty penny for it ($70 for plaid!!!? wtf!?) it was definitely worth it. I’ve worn this thing so many times in so many different ways.. under things, over things, tucked into things… that it honestly has paid for itself.

Quality over quantity they say… I feel like I am leaning more in that direction these days. I’m just tired of making that dreaded Buffalo Exchange trip every 3 months. Those trendy pieces I spend nothing on at Forever 21? Out of my life and out of my closet in 3 months! It’s like I’m an anorexic shopper… binging and purging! I mean hey, don’t get me wrong – I am a huge fan of Forever 21… but sometimes you just gotta try something else for a change!

Luckily I’ve learned over the years, that the “Quality over Quantity” thing is true… and when making that buying decision, I find that it’s always good to ask myself, is what I’m buying a staple or a trend? Staples are great… because they’re always in style and they are so versatile you will be happy forever! I would definitely call flannel a staple, along with a great pair of black jeans, a great pair of boots, and a great fitting black tee. Do you have any staples that you’ve splurged on over the years? Please do tell!

Outfit details:
My new favorite plaid – Madewell
Denim -Madewell Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans
Vintage boots & sunglasses – Pretty Penny
Backpack – Thrifted






New boots!

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I feel like I’m getting older… but in a good way. I’m growing my hair out, one of my friends just turned 30, and I now go to bed at like 10:30/11 every night except on Fridays & Saturdays. I can remember the days when I was in college when going out, meeting new people, going on road trips, was literally my top priority 24/7. It’s not that I don’t want to go out, go on road trips, and party every chance I get (I would LOVE to do this as much as you do, trust me) – it’s just that I’ve sort of slowed down and am now appreciating the pace of a calm world.

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and I was perfectly happy just sitting at home with Davy, sipping tea and eating soup. We finally made it out of the house for a matinee movie to which I was not surprised, we were to be the only young people in a room full of “old folks”… hehehe. Maybe I’m depressing you, maybe this all sounds boring, but I must tell you this! There’s a romance that happens… one that can’t happen in an anxious party time 24/7 kinda world. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years now but I feel like now I’m taking the time to realize how special it is. Just a sappy girl in love..

Outfit details:
Bowler hat – Vintage flea market find from Treasure Island Flea
Booties – Vintage find from Pretty Penny
Denim – Madewell Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans
Sweater – Forever 21
Necklace – DIY bone necklace





Finally Fall

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Finally Fall!

Yesterday marked the official change from summer to Fall .. and though it always takes me a bit to get used to the clocks going back an hour, I really do love it when seasons change. This fall, I’m really digging on warm chestnut tones and cabin-weather apparel. Wool sweaters, beat up suede booties, and lazy hair has been sort of my mood lately. Oh, and black! LOTS OF BLACK!

There is just so much to take in, and so much to do! With Halloween just over, we have Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the holiday craziness to look forward to. Plus the air is so fresh! Ahhh, the smell of burning wood and fireplaces and cinnamon.

Outfit details:
Wool sweater coat – vintage DKNY
Denim – Goldsign Virtual High Rise
Booties – Aldo
Backpack – Apostrophe, similar one here





Over the hump day!

Loose knit sweater
$13 -

Goldsign clothing

Madewell booties

Kinto latte cup
$16 -

KAREN WALKER Northern Lights
$260 -

Working the 9 to 5 is hard work! It requires lots of caffeine, big sunglasses, and an even bigger bag! Since all it seems I’ve been wearing lately is roll out of bed work clothes, I thought I’d put together a little outfit of my style lately. My go-to on a Wednesday (or Monday, or even Tuesday for that matter) is:

- Flat booties
- Anything black, especially an oversized comfy sweater
- Big sunglasses
- Tote bag
- Coffee or Chai tea
- Jeggings, or any other type of legging
- DRY SHAMPOO! (must-have)!

My job entails loads of typing, sitting and thinking – the least I can do is look somewhat stylish on my lunch break. Is it Friday yet?


Sunny October

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This weekend was one of the hottest we’ve ever had in Oakland so far. Talk about a heatwave! David and I took Saturday to stroll around Piedmont Ave., iced coffees in hand. We ended up stumbling upon this amazing mural that I always walk by but never really take a full view of. Since it was such a bright and sunny day, we thought what better day to really take it in.


I love that about my neighborhood in Oakland. It’s tucked away from the big city, yet there are so many cool spots that make it feel bigger than it actually is. I love kitties – especially this painted one, who has 6 legs, 3 eyes, and a snake tail!

I am totally dorking out on Halloween right now, doing as much cheesy holiday stuff as possible! I’ve already succeeded in making Halloween cards, pumpkin picking at the patch, and decorating! What have you been up to?

Outfit details:
(polka dot skirt – Max Studio, denim shirt – H&M, sandals – DSW, bag & sunglasses – vintage)



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