Sixties inspired tunes to get your Monday morning shakin’.
Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel

If you are looking for that album to listen to while you put on your winged eyeliner, here it is.  The organs, the sixties synth and vocals – the talent in this band is simply amazing!

The song Nico is rightly named. Listen below if you are looking for some new psych music…



Crisp Summer Pleats

August 9, 2014 · 0 comments

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What I should have named this post is, “I simply love this skirt.”

Sometimes you get really lucky and score on a truly original vintage find. All vintage is original in one way or another, but then there are always those one-of-a-kind pieces that you say, “This was made for me!” This skirt that I bought at Pretty Penny is everything: it fits perfect, the style is classic, and it’s a fresh take on plaid. White, green and black – all in a unique and satisfyingly crisp look for summer.

I didn’t really have the right shoes to wear with this little number, but I made due with my Nine West color block heels. Sometimes I feel like when I am wearing too much of a vintage look – it looks dated, which is why I paired the skirt with a cutoff denim vest that I made myself (aka I cut it off from a thrifted denim dress).

It was SUPER bright when we took these photos, so even though it was hard to see – this skirt got that crisp contrast that looks so good in the sun. Lately, I have been getting out of my comfort zone of all black everything and I have to say it feels pretty good. There’s something about wearing all black that feels cool and chic, but if you break out of your black shell you will be amazed that color is pretty cool too.

Are there any vintage pieces in your closet that made you think, “This is made for me!”? I would love to hear your stories…

Outfit details: (skirt – Pretty Penny Vintage, top – H&M basics, bag – Kate Spade, shoes – Nine West)






Erin from Calivintage

Man is it hot out there! In light of the recent heatwave this week, I was inspired by all of the cute summer outfits floating around on the blogosphere and wanted to share them with you! I have been really in love with clogs and jellies this summer, denim, and straw hats! Are there any trends that have caught your eye this summer?

Erin has totally nailed the overalls look. I love how she paired white on white and kept it simple. Very refreshing for the overalls trend! Steal her look here


Lisa from LaLaFauxBois

I am so inspired by Lisa’s mix and match ensemble here! She is totally one of those girls who can wear a ton of different colors, and I am so digging her choice to go with those red Swedish Hasbeens clogs. Steal her look here.


Carrie from Wish Wish Wish

You know me – retro dressing is the key to summer style. Carrie’s matching Asos suit pulls of the retro look but in a way that’s completely new. I love the bold Hawaiian print, pink shoes and white sunglasses.


Rachel from Mousevox Vintage

Dresses and boots! I am digging how Rachel combines a vintage dress with boots in this look. Her outfit post is actually from May of last year, but I feel like I need to post it now that it’s hot! A loose shift dress is just as comfortable as wearing a t-shirt and jeans yet you look and feel way cooler.


Lady Moriarty

Jellies! (And socks.) You wouldn’t think to put them together, but I love it! This outfit is perfect for a cool summer evening. Plus I love that her denim jacket is over-sized a bit. Red lipstick and she’s out the door! Get her look here.


Christina from For Show

Color blocking! I love Christina’s easy ensemble. Pair a cropped vintage sweater with a high-waisted skirt, add some sandals and you’re ready for a weekend flea market, a movie, or whatever.

Cheers! Hope you guys enjoyed these summer looks I pulled. Mine is next!

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Tuesday Words

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For those of you who need a little boost for your Tuesday (I think everyone needs a little boost on Tuesdays), I want to share some words I found while browsing the internet last night. These images are from the book titled, Creative Block: Get Unstuck, Discover New Ideas” which I found on the blog Brain Pickings.

Sometimes when you hit a creative block, it’s hard to know what to do next. Maybe it’s an art project your working on for the first time, maybe it’s a wedding your planning, maybe it’s a blog post, a work issue, or even just cleaning the house; sometimes you get stuck! The important thing I’ve learned is to just keep going. Keep persevering, and you WILL get out of your block! Do what I do… give it a break and come back to it. Heck, cry it out. No matter how you deal, you will come back and finish it if you persevere. And the great thing about creative block is, you will always come out stronger, smarter, and more confident!

“Life is not easy for any of us,” -says Marie Curie. “But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.”

Do that, and…creativeblock_mcdevitt



Picture 6

Okay, so I’m going to tell you a little secret. Somehow a pair of my friend’s black Joni jeans made it into my bag after a trip to the desert. I took a look at them and was very curious…. hmm, I thought. I’m always looking for a good pair of black skinny jeans. Maybe it’s against the rules to try on your friend’s clothing when they don’t know you even have them, but I couldn’t help myself! I took the plunge and tried these bad boys on and I really could not take them off.

I started out just wearing ‘em around the house just to see how they fit, then I went to the grocery store in them (really, and that’s it)… BUT, now it’s been 3 days since I tried ‘em on and I’ve worn them every single day.

OOOOOPS. So moral of the story is: I FOUND MY NEW FAVORITE JEANS!

They’re these ones right here from TopShop. They are super high-waisted and they feel like leggings. SUPER stretchy, unlike my Levi’s high-waisted jeans though I love those too. These are the kind of jeans you can wear everyday, you can pass out in them on your friend’s couch after a night of fun, you can wear crop tops with, and you can eat pizza in! A pair of high-waisted jeans that can do all that is a go in my book. Now I just have to buy my own pair and give these ones back to my friend!



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There are always those days where you just feel like wearing all black, am I right? I have been having more of those days lately! The thing I try to do when I’m feeling the all black vibes is I try to pair my outfit with a cool pair of colorful shoes and a unique bag. That’s really all it takes to go from frumpy to cute without even trying very hard. These saddle shoes are perfect for doing just that! I love the retro school-girl feel they add, and another plus is that they look just like the Fall 2014 Band of Outsiders oxfords that I’m currently coveting <3

Outfit Details:
Bass Enfield Saddle Shoes
Skirt – Lord & Taylor
Sweater – H&M
Bag – Thrifted

You’ve probably noticed that my hair is getting super long now! Last summer I was sporting a super short pixie cut, and as much as I loved having short hair – I haven’t had hair past my shoulders in years. I was looking at some old childhood photos, and I kinda missed having the long hair. So, here I am 20 years later trying to get back to my ‘roots.’ When you work 9 to 5 and are always busy, it’s pretty easy to forget about it and just let the damn thing grow.

On another note, I recently just purchased Sophia Amoruso’s new book #GirlBoss, and I have to say that I’m pretty stoked to finally read it! Every few months, I stop and take a look at my life and wonder if I could ever truly start my own business. Working 9 to 5 is pretty great because you don’t have to worry about health care, a paycheck, etc… but sometimes it can be tough when you are a creative person looking for new challenges all the time. It’s pretty amazing that Sophia Amoruso was able to grow Nasty Gal into a billion dollar company overnight just doing what she loves. Have any of you read the book yet? Thoughts? Maybe you can give me some inspiration…

saddle-shoes-1All-Black-Saddle-Shoes-01 All-Black-Saddle-Shoes-02



April Weekend Outfit

April 22, 2014 · 2 comments

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit on this blog! I owe you guys an apology. Well.. maybe not! I think we’ve all been there. When you start something like a style blog – it takes a lot of time and work. Sometimes it’s all you want to do is blog and talk about fashion – if I had the choice, I would be doing that ALL DAY EVERYDAY! But in reality, other things happen in your life too. Sometimes I even questioned why do I have a style blog? Does that make me seem vain? I’m sure to some people, it comes off that way. Really, though – it’s kinda awesome to look back at all your personal style moments. Not too long ago, I was rockin’ a little bob haircut. Now I’m sporting the long hairs & 70s vibes. How awesome is it that I have this documented!?

Hopefully this will be my “I’m baaaaack” post. My closet has expanded so much since my last outfit post. I can’t wait to show you!

Outfit details:
Embroidered Mexican crop top – Mercy Vintage
High Waisted Denim – Levi’s (these are by far my favorite high-waisted jeans)
Clogs – Swedish Hasbeens
Sunglasses – MultiKulti
Lipstick – Nars Heat Wave
Turquoise ring – Resurrect Vintage
Necklace – Bridesmaids gift from my sis




UM… like seriously, Heidi Slimane. You are killing it with this collection. Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity of viewing this entire collection on the Bart train to work. Yeah, kinda weird- but hey, a girl’s gotta get her fashion in somehow! I couldn’t wait to post this!

Saint Laurent’s Fall 2014 collection is everything I’ve been dreaming of. It’s like Slimane read my mind and said, “Hey, let’s make a collection that speaks to Jenn Kubat.” Haha… yeah right. But really – this collection makes me so happy! What I really love is how Slimane pulled off the vibe of  ’60s Brit pop, but freshened it up with a casual spin. This collection reminds me of dressing up with my friends for psych shows when I lived in LA. I love the eye makeup, it’s very Nico from the Velvet Underground and Edie Sedwick.

Patent leather mary janes, minis & coats, capes and boots, and to top it off, sequins and sparkles… and even fur shorts! If I ever have a reason to spend tons of money, I think it’s gotta be on something from this collection.

Enjoy! Hope this brightens up your day as it did mine :)

saintlaurentfall2014-01 saintlaurentfall2014-02 saintlaurentfall2014-03 saintlaurentfall2014-04 saintlaurentfall2014-05 saintlaurentfall2014-06 saintlaurentfall2014-07 saintlaurentfall2014-08 saintlaurentfall2014-09 saintlaurentfall2014-010 saintlaurentfall2014-011 saintlaurentfall2014-20 saintlaurentfall2014-21 saintlaurentfall2014-22saintlaurentfall2014-23 saintlaurentfall2014-awesome saintlaurentfall2014-awesome-hair-makeup saintlaurentfall2014-awesome-shoes saintlaurentfall2014-goldshoes saintlaurentfall2014-makeup saintlaurentfall2014-makeup01 saintlaurentfall2014-makeup02

All photos c/o



This weekend I had the lovely opportunity of doing a shoot with Mirrors Vintage. Lucille from Gatekeeper is one of the co-owners, and just so happens to be one of my best friends. We shot these photos in West Oakland where there are a lot of really cool industrial spaces. Definitely was feeling the vibe of this outfit while we explored the area.

I stole this shirt for the shoot and never gave it back! It was so comfy, and reminded me of my badass college days. Joy Division was one of the first bands I really got into back in my heyday. Back when my hair was pixie short, my life was more punk shows and holey tights than working 9 to 5. Wearing this tee now, some 5 years later – and I go back a bit!

Outfit details
Custom Joy Division tee – Mirrors Vintage
Denim – Forever21
Jacket – Vintage
Boots – H&M
Lipstick – Nars Heat Wave

Don’t forget to check out the Mirrors Shop – as they are offering a sweet deal exclusive to my readers! Enjoy 10% off your purchase until Sunday 02/02/2014 with code: FASHIONANDFRINGE




All photos taken by Lucille Lares-Kiwan of Gatekeeper


Woodsy Wears

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The Great Outdoors

Lately I’ve been going on lots of hiking adventures in the Bay Area. I never really thought that dressing for the outdoors was anything special… usually it comes down to just picking out things in my closet I don’t mind getting dirty. But after dressing for a few hikes, I’ve become kind of obsessed with hiking attire!

My typical hiking attire includes some combination of denim jacket, beat up boots, and of course – a warm and soft flannel. The key to outdoor dressing is to dress in layers. As you climb a mountain, you’ll want to be able to take on or off that jacket or hoodie depending on what temperature of the hike your in. Boots with rubber soles is also a good idea.. I really love these ones from Modern Vice. A great backpack is also a total necessity, and there are plenty of awesome backpacks out there that are functional yet still very chic.

Hopefully this little Polyvore set inspires you for your next adventure. What are your outdoor necessities? Also, please do tell – what are your favorite hikes in the US?! Links are welcome :)