Staring at your closet with no idea what to wear this morning? Well it may be time to adjust your dressing strategy. Keep these 5 easy wardrobe “no-brainers” on hand and you’ll be out the door in minutes.

1) The perfect black tee(s).
Problem: You’re in a hurry.

Solution: Put on anything AND a black tee. You probably already know this, but its still worth saying: black looks good with everything. So whether you are wearing skinny jeans, trousers, or a skirt- a black tee is an essential. It’s also the perfect layering piece for your plaid or chambray shirts too. And if you finally find your favorite black tee, make sure you buy two (or even 3) of them to ease the pain of laundry day.
boyfriend-tee blacktee
(Nasty Gal and

2) Classic boat-neck striped “Breton” tee
Problem: You’ve worn your favorite black tee two days in a row now and you are really getting sick of it.

Solution: Put on a stripe. The bold contrast of the white and black will make you feel like you are wearing something brand new – and it will really lighten up your mood. It’s also a complete classic and will always be in style. Looks great tucked in to high-waisted skinny jeans or with a full skirt.



3) Modern polka dot blouse
Problem: You want to wear something a little more dressed-up, but don’t feel like going the extra mile.

Solution: Throw on an updated polka dot blouse. Polka dots are classic, cool, and put together. Put a polka dot blouse on and you will feel feminine, confident, and just enough dressy without feeling like you went over the top.


4) Chambray shirt
Problem: You may have overslept your alarm on the weekend and have a ton of errands to run. And no, you don’t have time for a shower.

Solution: Put on a chambray shirt. There is something understated about a chambray button up. It’s easy because it’s a classic silhouette. It’s cool because it probably reminds you of your boyfriend’s button up. Wear a fitted one to look more pulled together. Or wear a looser one to pull off an oversized look over jeans. Pair this shirt with your everyday watch, your favorite rings, and no fuss makeup for an easy run about town look.


5) Comfy & loose plaid
Problem: You need more layers OR you feel too dressed up.

Solution: Throw on a plaid shirt for added warmth or for a touch of casual cool. A simple plaid is best, try to go for a plaid that has just a few colors in a muted color (grey, blue, black, etc). I like to wear my plaid shirts over a black tee or a graphic tee and under a moto jacket.




There is something just so cool about this collection from Sonia Rykiel. It might be the fact that I haven’t seen the 70’s look on the runway in a long time. Or it could just be that these looks ooze an easiness that is attractive in the modern world. It’s like Rykiel went vintage shopping but only picked the chicest silhouettes. No costume looks here! These girls look slouchy, cool, and have that perfect bed-head hair and makeup. I really admire designers that can pull this particular style off.

I can see myself dressing in this, can you?









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Tuesday Words

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Just remember:positive vibes quoteimage via StyleCaster


massage envy review-01

The lovely people at Massage Envy invited me to enjoy a day of pampering, and I’m so excited to tell you about my experience! I went in for a two-hour mega session, which included both a massage and a facial. Now, for a little background on me:

1) I’ve never had a professional facial done before. (Yes, I know I’m crazy.)
2) I’ve only ever had one massage before this experience.
3) I was feeling super stressed from the night before (my car gotten broken into), so a day like this was much needed.
4) My skin was in need of a revamp. Like serious re-vamp!

First let’s start with the service. I scheduled an appointment to visit the El Cerrito Massage Envy location, which if you’re familiar with the Bay Area, it’s a great little spot in the East Bay near Berkeley. The front desk was very kind and prompt to help me when I checked-in. I took Janelle up on her offer for a cup of green tea, to which she then had me fill out a short questionnaire. The questionnaire was simple and just asked about the areas of my body and skin that needed attention. It also asked about the type of pressure that I like for my massage. Smart move Massage Envy! I think it’s great that you asked what type of pressure your clients like. I once got a Thai massage that was THE most painful experience because they never cared to ask about what pressure I wanted.

massage envy review 04

Second, let’s talk about the massage. I can really only use one word to explain my experience, and that word is AMAZING! Denise, my therapist for the session, was very attentive and took her time with her movements. She really cares about her clients, she said, “Massage is my way to give back.” Based on her recommendation, I went with the Swedish full body massage and tried the Biofreeze & Heat Deep Muscle Therapy (totally necessary if you want that extra sensation). I was actually quite surprised with the Biofreeze product. Normally when I see products that have menthol, I get a little worried about the strong menthol smell. Not this! I didn’t smell a scent of menthol at all during the massage. Best part? Denise gave me the exact pressure that I asked for. Light pressure, with a focus on the neck and shoulder area. I still feel great!

massage envy review-02     massage envy review 05

Now for the facial. Massage Envy uses the Murad skincare line for all of their facials. How do I know that I received a good facial? Because three days later my boyfriend told me, “You look great without makeup. You should just do that from now on.” Hah! Seriously, though. I am giving major props to Tatiana over at Massage Envy for the transformation she made on my skin. Having only ever experienced one facial in my life, I really wasn’t sure what to expect or what was going on. Luckily, Tatiana was very helpful in picking the right facial for my skin type so we went with the Sensitive Skin facial. I got a chemical peel that “took off 30 layers of my skin”. My pores are virtually non-existant now and I can honestly say I have Gwyneth Paltrow skin. (See below for proof.)

massage envy review 08

I didn’t want to muck up my new skin with cheap skin care products at home so I ended up purchasing the “Resurgence” Healthy Skin Regimen kit below. Along with providing application tips, Tatiana really explained how to use each product in my regimen, which is great to hear from a professional. I have dark circles under my eyes, and she explained that with a little finger pressure and eye cream, you can really brighten it up.

massage envy review 07

Overall, I am very pleased with my experience. They are offering a $49.99 introductory massage and $59.99 facial so if you are like me and in NEED of some pampering, I say you’ve got nothing to lose. They also offer a monthly membership, which I can say is definitely worth it just based on this one experience.

Here’s to health, happiness, and the pursuit of relaxation. Thank you Massage Envy!


Poppy Red in the Home

What comes to mind when you think of the color red? I think of confidence, energy, and modernity. Think: Christian Louboutin soles, a bold red lip on the subway, or that cute car on the highway. You may not realize it, but the color red is electrifying you everywhere you go!

With the champagne of 2015 still in the air, I think its time to zap 2014 and start out new.  If you’re feeling like you need an upgrade, it’s time to pop some red into your life. Whether you add this color to accent your home, wardrobe or lipstick options, you will instantly feel the power that red has to offer.

Still not convinced? Check out my current list of poppy-red faves below. Hopefully this will get you going!


Stella McCartney Lips iPhone 5 case and Nars Heat Wave Matte Lipstick

Madewell Red Sweater-Jan-2015

Madewell Texturemix Pullover Sweater


Red Retro Table LampPoppy_Red_Dot_Wall_Clock

Red Retro “Clara” Table Lamp  and Red Dot Wall Clock from Dot&Bo


Sky High Red Swedish Hasbeen Clogs, photo c/o It’s Not Her It’s Me

Mid-Century Slope Chair in Red
from Dot&Bo



If you’re like me, you spend hours trying to find places to put things in your tiny apartment.

When you are dealing with a small space, it’s important to keep your “stuff” to a minimum. Always stick the rule, “Lose it if you don’t use it.” And for the things you can’t get rid of, I’ve put together a list of 5 tips that work wonders for me! I hope these help you :)

1) Remember, the wall is your friend. If you are a collector of plates, tea cups, baskets, books, picture frames, vintage nick-knacks, etc.– why not hang your finds on the wall in an artfully cool manner? Not only are you freeing up some space on a shelf or on your desk, but you are adding some character to a boring wall. Here’s some inspiration to get you thinking.

Vintage plate wall cluster.

Art, mirror, and book cluster. (source: Apartment Therapy)

Desk nick-knack cluster. (source: TheClothesHorse NYC)

2) Get creative with your storage. Use an old or vintage dresser to store and organize arts & crafts, wrapping paper and ribbons.

(source: Craftivity Designs)

3) Utilize those nooks and crannies! Look around to see if there are any corners or spaces that can be used for shelving or storage. One good idea is to install wall-mounted shelves above furniture or above a doorway.

4) Use multi-functional furniture. Use a vintage trunk to store things and as a side table or as a coffee table. Or, get an ottoman that doubles as a storage space.

(source: Apartment Therapy)

5) Use vacuum sealed storage bags for your linen closet. They free up SO much space in your closet, and are great at keeping your linens fresh and free of dust. Doing this will leave room for packing other things in your closet. I like these jumbo bags for storing blankets and pillows, available on Amazon here.

That’s it for now. Are there any secrets you have for organizing your apartment? Please share!


Vintage Jumpsuit

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Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in Jack London Square. It’s been so beautiful and sunny lately, and the smell of the salty San Francisco Bay has been calling my name! These photos are from last weekend when David and I went to a little outdoor flea market. Most of our time was spent drinking Blue Bottle coffees, walking around, and just overall enjoying the sunshine. I was feeling rather lazy in the morning, so this jumpsuit was just what I needed.

I am still a little unsure if I can pull off this jumpsuit… does it make me look frumpy?! Maybe it’s a little too nineties? That’s always the tough thing about wearing vintage! I did receive a few compliments on it so I figured I couldn’t have looked that weird! Hahaha.

I recently styled my musician friend Natalie in a jumpsuit and after seeing her in it – I was like damn, jumpsuits ARE cute. What’s your take on them? How do you pull off vintage without looking like a (for lack of better words) frumpy grandma!?

Outfit details:
Jumpsuit – Thrifted Vintage
Clogs – Swedish Hasbeens
Sunglasses – Pretty Penny
Bag – Thrifted
Lipstick – Nars Heatwave

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5 Key Pieces for Fall

It certainly isn’t Fall weather quite yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming up our favorite outfits! By now, you probably already own the perfect leather moto jacket. The good thing about a leather jacket is it can be worn year round and when has it gone out of trend? I tried this one on from Madewell, and instantly fell in love. It’s got a great vintage heavy-weight feel and is actually quite comfortable for the weight. I am still saving up for it ($500).. but I will get there (eventually).

Chelsea boots are another great pick for Fall. Why not change it up this year and go for a colored boot? These electric blue suede ones from NastyGal are to die for – they have the perfect amount of Mod, rock and roll, and class. I definitely see myself wearing them now through winter.

As far as prints go, the simple black & white check print is an easy base for anything. I think it looks as good with boots and leather as it does with heels and an evening bag. I like prints and dresses that are easy yet bold in themselves. Wear it now bare-legged with boots and wear with tights in the fall.

As far as bags go – lately I’ve been into the motto “smaller is better.” This little feather bag is perfect – it is unique and different and adds a romantic vibe to an otherwise edgey ensemble. It’d be awesome to find a vintage bag with feathers…

These Karen Walker sunglasses. Yeah so it might stop being sunny as Fall approaches, but sunglasses are still my favorite accessory all year round. The tortoise shell style is easy to pair with practically any look. I’ve basically had my eyes on these sunglasses for months now so of course they need to go in this look.

What do you think are your transition pieces for Fall?


Slow & Low Whiskey Pop-Up

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I had such a fun time at the Slow & Low pop up shop at Voyager in SF! My photographer friend Scotterpop (yes, that’s him) took this video, featuring a little cameo by me that cracks me up. Maybe it was the whiskey talkin’…

Watch the video here.

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 10.04.50 PM

This new brand of  Philadelphia based “Rock and Rye” whiskey is super delicious and honestly very easy to drink. We filled up plenty of glasses at the event if you were wondering…

I encourage you to seek them out at your nearby liquor store as they are currently selling their whiskey at a few select stores. Check their website for more info! Also, the cute little shop that hosted the pop up is pretty rad too. Make sure you show them some of your Bay Area love next time you’re in the Mission!



Sixties inspired tunes to get your Monday morning shakin’.
Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel

If you are looking for that album to listen to while you put on your winged eyeliner, here it is.  The organs, the sixties synth and vocals – the talent in this band is simply amazing!

The song Nico is rightly named. Listen below if you are looking for some new psych music…