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Sometimes it’s tough to get the day started, am I right? I find that it always helps to have a mini routine when you wake up. What works for me is, before I even check my email or Instagram, I get up and make myself a cup of coffee. I’m not even that much of a coffee person – but for some reason it’s the habit of making it that gets my day started. While the coffee is brewing, I sit down to make a to-do list. I always write at the top of my list, “Today is going to be a great day.” I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but I read an article on that really changed the way I wrote and completed my morning to-do lists.

The article explains that there are many benefits to writing your goals and tasks for the day down – if you follow one rule.

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Perfect Red Coat

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fashionandfringe-melissademataphoto-5 copy

Sometimes all you need to feel put together is a tailored coat and a pair of heels. That’s probably why I own way too many coats! My coat closet barely opens now… it is stuffed to the max. I totally scored on this perfectly tailored red pea-coat from Mercy Vintage. It is vintage Calvin Klein and in my favorite shade of lipstick red. I saw it hanging on the rack, and didn’t even think twice when I bought it. SO GLAD I didn’t leave this one behind.

Normally I’m not really a fan of wearing black and red together, somehow I always think it comes off too goth or trendy. I think the trick to pulling off black and red is to pair it with white. I threw on my Madewell white collared shirt and instantly felt chic. Are there any other recommendations you have for wearing red and black?

Melissa shot these of me when the sun was out shining! I love how the red really pops in the light.

What I’m Wearing:
Coat- Vintage Calvin Klein from Mercy Vintage, similar one here / Madewell Ripped Jeans / Zara heels / Madewell Glasglow Satchel / Celine Sunglasses






Photos by Melissa de Mata

Fashion and Fringe

Best Basics

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Photography makes such a difference, doesn’t it? That is why this HAS to be one of my favorite outfit posts… ever! The talented Melissa de Mata snapped these photos of me during our little trip to the Ferry Building for coffee.  I love how beautiful the lighting is in these photos and how she captured it. Days like these always seem to remind me of summer. It’s one of the perks of living in California.  Seriously, where else can you be walkin’ around in a t-shirt and jeans in February!?

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Wednesday Words

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I agree with this completely and frankly love this quote. If you are currently in a transitional phase (like me),  it’s always good to remind yourself of this. Life always finds a way somehow. Sometimes it’s exactly what you planned and other times it’s the complete opposite.
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I love any excuse to get dressed up, so when StyleLend contacted me about doing a Valentine’s Day feature with them, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! Being a girl who’s never had the reason or the budget to buy a designer dress, it was actually my first time I had ever even tried on a dress from Chanel or Prada. Normally a designer price tag makes me too nervous to warrant a dress try-on! Not with StyleLend. With StyleLend, you can rent designer dresses for up to a week at a fraction of the retail price. I’m not even kidding you guys! This Karen Millen dress that I am wearing retails at originally $400 but you can rent it for $48. The Chanel dress I tried on was probably $1000 but you can rent it for only $90. How cool is that!? Why spend a ton of money if you are only ever going to wear a dress once anyway?

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Ripped Jeans Love

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My friend Sarah and I are goofballs and we never miss an opportunity to take photos of “cute things”. This yellow rose bush was no exception! What started out as a bagel and coffee run, turned into a little mini photo-op. I’m inspired by the fact that this outfit post was unplanned – I feel like you don’t see a lot of fashion bloggers posting about what they’re wearing in their “real life.” I think I might need to do that more…

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Women and Startups
(from top left: Lisa Sugar Co-Founder of PopSugar, Diane Von Furstenburg Founder of DVF, Sophia Amoruso Founder of NastyGal, Arianna Huffington Founder of Huffington Post, Leura Spielman CEO of Laurel & Wolf and Tamara Mack, Co-Founder of MACK)

I went to a cool event last week, called “Are Startups the New Interior Designers?” where I met and heard from five talented CEO’s and co-founders of some new startups on the market. Although the discussion was mostly about how the Interior Design industry is changing, what really struck me about the event was the fact that 4 out of the 5 people on the panel were actually… women.

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5 Basic Tops Every Girl Needs
Staring at your closet with no idea what to wear this morning? Well it may be time to adjust your dressing strategy. Keep these 5 easy wardrobe “no-brainers” on hand and you’ll be out the door in minutes.
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There is something just so cool about this collection from Sonia Rykiel. It might be the fact that I haven’t seen the 70’s look on the runway in a long time. Or it could just be that these looks ooze an easiness that is attractive in the modern world. It’s like Rykiel went vintage shopping but only picked the chicest silhouettes. No costume looks here! These girls look slouchy, cool, and have that perfect bed-head hair and makeup. I really admire designers that can pull this particular style off.

I can see myself dressing in this, can you?
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Tuesday Words

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Just remember:positive vibes quoteimage via StyleCaster